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Machu Picchu Visit in Photos

Our very own Montse spent 2 days at Machu Picchu, the Inca Capital. We did already highlight her Huayna Picchu hike in an earlier post and will today be sharing the overall experience of a visit to Machu Picchu with Encounter Latin America. The diversity of this... read more

Luxury Lake Titicaca Eco-lodge Island Life

Lake Titicaca forms a natural part of the border between Peru and Bolivia. At an altitude of over 12,000 feet, it’s the highest lake in the world and the largest in South America. A visit to Lake Titicaca is an integral part of the most luxury Peru tours. Puno is the... read more

Video | Meet the Encounter Latin America team

Get to know our international team of travel industry wizzards. One by one they will tell you about their role in the Encounter Latin America team and about what makes traveling with us to the highlights of Latin America so special. Encounter Latin America is your... read more

Peru the Country of Festivals

With 3,000 festivals a year, Peru is a country that knows how to celebrate. Everything from religious rituals, vigorous dance-offs, flamboyant beauty pageants, and streets packed with local cuisine to taste and craftsmanship to gander at its close to impossible to end... read more

Ancient Rituals – The Coca Leaf reading

The Coca leaf has a rich and important history in Peru. Visitors are mostly familiar with their ability to relieve altitude sickness, but locals incorporate these important leaves in so many different ways. They can be consumed on a daily basis, either chewed or used... read more

Culinary Tours – Ceviche Peru’s most famous dish

If there’s one signature dish you absolutely must try in Lima, it’s ceviche. Essentially raw fish, “cooked” in acidic juices such as lemon or lime, this tasty treat is usually mixed with various peppers, onions, salt and coriander. The extra... read more

Lima’s Premium Restaurant Top 5

Peruvian food has become rightly famous around the world in the last decade or so. An incredible fusion of the best of the Pacific Rim has to offer with strong influences from a large number of Japanese immigrants and great fishing, here’s our guide to the Top 5 Best... read more
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